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I started my 5 year carpet and vinyl fitting apprenticeship with my Dad when I finished school. I always knew before I finished that I wanted to be in the trade as I used to help my Dad during school holidays and on Saturdays from when I was 13. I will always remember when I first went out with Dad I was only 4!

I know that you can't learn the skills of a trade in just 5 minutes and was so lucky to learn my skills from my Dad who also did a 5 year apprenticeship and has over 40 years experience. My Dad is also my best mate and we have a great laugh at work.

You have to start from the bottom by picking up rubbish, brushing floors, packing up tools, watching, learning and listening to advice, moving on to putting gripper and underlay down and spraying and taping for vinyl. Then I went on to learning how to fit carpet and vinyl in cupboards to practice fitting on a small scale.

Over the 5 years I worked my way up from the basics to being able to fit carpets and vinyl independently in any room (eg.bedroom, lounge, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, hall stairs and landing, winders and open plan stairs, conservatories, porches, pretty much everything :) and cupboards of course haha!)

As well as practical skills, I built up a background knowledge of carpet and vinyl from pile directions in carpets to qualities of carpets and vinyl and learning traditional ways eg. change of tread, sewing carpets and learning tips like waxing the back of top quality carpets (axminster and wilton) to make the needle go through easier when sewn.

Thank you for reading how I started right from the beginning.
I loved every moment learning and I am so glad that I done a 5 year Apprenticeship,


I would like to say a huge big 'Thanks' to my Great Dad for teaching me, your the best!

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